Terms and conditions

The use of the Wisecrop Agricultural Operating System is subject to acceptance of the Terms and Conditions described here. These are for your security and our transparency regarding the services we provide to you.

We suggest you read these conditions carefully and if you have any questions, our team is available to clarify.

The Terms and Conditions define the rules of operation and use of the WiseCrop system, produced by Wise Connect, SA (Wise Connect). Wisecrop is an agricultural operating system that consists of a software component that includes the Web Platform accessible through app.wisecrop.com and mobile applications for iOS and Android; and an optional hardware component, which includes, but is not limited to, dataloggers, sensors, and gateways. This system provides agricultural entrepreneurs with meteorological, edaphoclimatic, or other information acquired by sensors, provided by meteorological forecast services or others, provides indications of the current risk of occurrence of diseases, pests, or harmful climatic events to production, bioclimatic indicators, launches alerts in case of danger to the operation, allows remote control of some electronic devices, as well as the recording of all activities related to the operation and subsequent operational and economic analysis. If the customer acquires the hardware component of the system, with the quantity of monitoring devices and controllers and with the types of sensors that are most convenient for them, data acquisition begins from the moment the system is installed on the farm. All information generated by the system is accessible after creating an account on the Web Platform.

With this registration, the customer has access to the software component of the system, being able to add new users to their account, giving each of them the levels of access permissions they consider appropriate. It is also possible, within the software, to access a Service Store from which services from Wise Connect or other suppliers can be purchased or subscribed. The data collected by the system is stored on Wise Connect servers and can be accessed at any time by users with permissions to do so, except in situations where irregularities occur, some of which are referred to in the General Terms of Use. The use given to the information provided by Wisecrop is the sole responsibility of the customer/user. Wise Connect is not responsible for any damage arising from the use, ignorance, misinterpretation, disregard, disregard, forgetting, or rejection of the information generated by Wisecrop.

By using Wisecrop, the customer/user is consciously accepting these Terms and Conditions of their own free will. The customer/user undertakes to transmit the Terms and Conditions of Wisecrop to all users to whom they grant access, individually responsible for each user of the system associated with their account. Wise Connect reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions whenever it deems necessary, without the need to notify users. Wise Connect reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions whenever it deems necessary, without the need to notify users.

Last updated: March 5, 2021.

General Conditions of Use

In order to clarify the definition of the terms used, the meaning of each is presented below:

SYSTEM: Wisecrop solution as a whole. It may include hardware and software, regardless of the characteristics of each of these components. It does not depend on the number of monitoring points, number of actuation points, type and number of sensors, or available functionalities.

SOFTWARE: Consists of the interface for accessing data and information, from unique access credentials, whether it is the Web Platform accessible through any browser, the mobile application for iOS, or the mobile application for Android.

HARDWARE: Physical components of the System, such as, but not limited to, dataloggers, sensors, gateways, and support structures.

SERVICE: All data collected and information generated by the System, including risk indicators, reports, alerts, and recommendations.

COMPANY: Wise Connect, SA, responsible for providing the System.

USER: Singular entity holding access credentials to the Wisecrop Software.

CUSTOMER: Any legal person, individual or collective, with full legal capacity to enter into contracts in accordance with Portuguese Law, who has created an account on Wisecrop and subscribed to one or more services, even if they do not have a monetary value associated. By creating an account on Wisecrop, you are also creating a User, so the Customer enters into a contract with Wise Connect, SA and accepts these Terms and Conditions that regulate this contract.

1. Ownership and Intellectual Property

This website (www.wisecrop.com), its entire content, as well as the applications and any components that integrate the System are the property of Wise Connect, S.A.

By registering on the Web Platform or purchasing any service on this website, the user declares that they are aware that they are entering into a contract with Wise Connect, S.A., a commercial company with taxpayer identification number 513112146, headquartered at Rua Alfredo Allen, No. 455 4200-135 Porto, which is regulated by these Terms and Conditions.

These "Terms and Conditions" regulate access to the system, as well as its use. By accessing any part or section of this website, using it, or any service linked to it, the Customer declares that they accept these "Terms and Conditions," being bound by any obligation contained in this document. If you do not accept, please immediately stop using this website.

The Company reserves the right to change both the contents and services of this page, as well as this document "Terms and Conditions" at any time and without prior notice, and the respective changes take effect from the moment they are published on this website. Acceptance is presumed if the Customer/User continues to use the website after the changes have taken effect. Therefore, the Customer/user is advised by the Company to regularly consult the "Terms and Conditions" to check for updates and changes.

The Company reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to remove the website and other contents and also reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to limit, refuse or interrupt, partially or completely, the access of any user to this website.

The rights referred to in this section may be exercised by the Company without the need to provide any reasonable grounds.

All content, texts, code, interfaces, scripts, graphics, features, images, logos, design, products, and services under the domain www.wisecrop.com and its subdomains, unless exceptions duly contemplated when contracting services with the Customer, are licensed or owned by the Company.

The Company also holds intellectual property rights over all hardware developed by it. The use of the foregoing in other contexts or for purposes other than those to which the Company has decided to allocate them is expressly prohibited and will be resolved judicially. The Customer/User is not authorized, in particular, to modify, publish, transmit, share, transfer, reproduce, distribute, perform, reprocess, assign or commercially exploit, partially or completely, the contents or services (including the software itself) of this website and the system. However, the Customer/user is allowed to download or copy downloadable content from this website and according to its purposes, provided that it is done exclusively for personal use, respecting copyright and other intellectual property rights.

2. Responsibilities and Obligations

The Company is responsible for supplying the System to the Customer and may also be responsible for installing it on the Customer's agricultural farm if agreed between them. The Company assumes no responsibility towards Users whose access credentials to the System have been provided through the Customer's access account. The Company assumes no responsibility for the actions taken by the Customer or Users regarding the agricultural farm treatment procedures, whether they have been taken in accordance with the System's indications or not. No information obtained by the Customer/user through the System will create any warranty not expressly stated in these conditions.

The Company does not guarantee to the Customer that the content or services provided in the System meet or are suitable to meet any needs or expectations of the Customer/User. The Company cannot in any case be held liable for damages or losses caused directly, indirectly, incidentally, consequentially, or punitively, arising from errors or inaccuracies in the contents presented by the system, from any interruption or cessation of transmission to or from our services, from any error or omission in any content, or from any loss or damage incurred as a result of use, by the end-user, of any content provided, sent via email, transmitted, or otherwise made available by the Company.

The Company is not responsible for any damages suffered by the Customer that may arise from technical failures in capturing, viewing, or using that are not attributable to it or resulting from the obsolescence of content. It also does not assume responsibility for damages suffered by the Customer that may arise from any unauthorized use of Wise Connect's servers or all the information and data hosted there. Wise Connect assumes no responsibility for damages resulting from any situations of impossibility, delay, suspension, or interruption in accessing this website due to technical failures or other reasons, not guaranteeing access to the website without interruptions or disruptions resulting from technical problems.

The Company cannot guarantee the total immunity of the System to hackers, viruses, or other intrusion software and cannot be held responsible for any damages suffered by the Customer or the User due to deficiencies or failures caused by the computer system, modems, connection software, or any computer viruses, or resulting from the downloading of infected files or files containing viruses or other properties that may affect the user's terminal equipment, especially when the user does not install the appropriate software to protect access, as well as in situations of unforeseen system overload.

The Customer/User is solely and exclusively responsible for using the system and any of its features in accordance with applicable law, including, but not limited to, labor and personal data protection legislation. The Company cannot, in any case, be held liable for any incorrect use or violation of applicable law by the customer.

3. User's Specific Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the User:

a) To provide truthful, as complete and up-to-date data as possible;

b) Not to assign their registration to third parties;

c) To ensure the confidentiality of the access credentials to their registration in the Software, as well as to be solely responsible for the actions carried out through their registration;

d) To ensure that whenever they grant access to third parties, through invitation or any other means, to the Software and, consequently, to information accessible through it, (i) safeguard their own privacy issues and those of all other users, and (ii) inform those to whom they grant access that they are also bound by compliance with the General Conditions of Use, assuming responsibility in case this does not occur and releasing the Company from any responsibility for problems that may arise from it;

e) To accept that in certain cases, the Software may integrate third-party content or provided by third parties, binding the User with the conditions of use of those providers. It is the User's responsibility to comply with these terms of use cumulatively with the General Conditions of Use;

f) To inform the Company of any unauthorized use of their password, username, account, or any security breach and ensure that they log out of their account, that is, log out at the end of each use of the Software.

g) To ensure that all their behaviors do not violate the current legal order or harm legal provisions;

h) To always and timely inform the Company if there is any impossibility or event that may affect or prevent the punctual compliance with the General Conditions of Use set forth;

i) To always communicate to the Company any change that may condition the General Conditions of Use;

j) To have a device with internet access to enjoy all the features of the System. It is further informed that the violation of the General Conditions of Use by the User entitles the Company to be indemnified, under the law of civil law, with a minimum indemnity amount of €250 (two hundred and fifty euros).

By using the Software, you are also agreeing to the following points:

(i) Not to transmit anything that is illegal, abusive, offensive, harmful to reputation, pornographic, indecent, profane, obscene, hateful, or racist;

(ii) To provide true and accurate content;

(iii) Not to violate any contracts, rules, or policies governing the use of your mobile device, as indicated by your communications service provider and/or manufacturer of the mobile device;

(iv) Not to transmit any malicious or unsolicited software;

(v) Not to impersonate any person or entity, use a fictitious name, or misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity;

(vi) Not to violate any requirements, procedures, policies, or regulations of networks associated with the Software;

(vii) Not to interfere with or disrupt the services of the Software;

(viii) Not to hack, spam, or phish against the Company, the Software, or other users;

(ix) To act within the bounds of common decency when using our Software;

(x) Not to impersonate any person or entity or misrepresent their affiliation with a person or entity;

(xi) Not to store personal data about other users;

(xii) Not to violate any laws or regulations, being solely responsible for such violations;

(xiii) Not to copy, modify, rent, lease, loan, sell, assign, distribute, reverse engineer, grant a guarantee, or otherwise transfer any rights to the technology or software underlying our products or services;

(xiv) Not to cause or collaborate in the destruction, manipulation, removal, disabling, or hindrance of any part of our Website, including de-indexing or removing cache from any part of our site on third-party websites, such as requesting its removal from a search engine;

(xv) Not to infringe on our intellectual property, unless expressly permitted by the Company for a specific use, as declared by us in writing;

(xvi) It is expressly prohibited to access the Software through a virtual private network or by proxy.

Violation of any of the above points allows the Company, at its discretion, to suspend or even withdraw usage privileges, without prejudice to reserving the right to take legal action.

4. Specific Customer Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the Customer:

a) To provide truthful, as complete and up-to-date data as possible;

b) Not to assign, transfer, or sell their contractual registration to third parties;

c) To ensure the confidentiality of the access credentials to their registration at app.wisecrop.com, as well as to be solely responsible for the actions carried out through their registration, with or without their prior authorization;

d) To ensure that the use of the software and all its behaviors do not violate the current legal order, namely privacy and personal data protection legislation, or harm protected legal provisions;

e) To comply with all payment obligations that ensure access to the System;

f) To always and timely inform the Company if there is any impossibility or event that may affect or prevent the punctual compliance with the General Conditions of Use set forth;

g) To always communicate to the Company any change that may condition the General Conditions of Use, such as a change of headquarters or residence;

h) To provide the means and materials necessary for the correct installation of the system, if applicable;

i) To ensure that the Hardware is connected to the internet, either by wired means or by ensuring that it is in an area with mobile network coverage;

j) To ensure, in cases where the System includes Hardware, regular verification of its condition, as well as of any abnormal situations that may prevent or condition its proper functioning.

k) To have a device with internet access to enjoy all the features of the System.

It is further informed that the violation of the General Conditions of Use by the Customer entitles the Company to be indemnified, under civil law, with a minimum indemnity amount of €250 (two hundred and fifty euros). Violation of any of the above points allows the Company, at its discretion, to suspend or even cancel the Customer's registration, without prejudice to reserving the right to take legal action.

5. Specific Company Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the Company:

a) To carry out data processing in an honest and legal manner, collecting only the information necessary for the purpose it serves;

b) To enable the Customer/User to correct the information about themselves whenever required;

c) To provide free of charge the right to delete their personal data, whenever prompted by the data controller;

d) To ensure the proper functioning of the System in all that does not depend on factors external to the Company;

e) To ensure a resolution of detected problems as quickly as possible. Furthermore, it is informed that the Company cannot be held responsible for any possible technical failure that may render www.wisecrop.com or its subdomains temporarily unavailable.

6. Access Conditions

The functionalities of the System subject to purchase and/or subscription can only be acquired/subscribed to by legal persons, individual or collective, with effective legal capacity to enter into onerous contracts, in accordance with Portuguese Law. The Company authorizes direct access to the Software to Customers and Users, and Users invited by Customers to access their account require their authorization and configuration of permissions to access the Software. In this case, it is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that all Users invited by them are aware of the Terms and Conditions set forth in this document. Each User can only correspond to one registration, and any subsequent registration made by the same User will be canceled. After registering, the User becomes the holder of access credentials (email and password), this registration being personal and non-transferable. It is worth noting that the transmission of access credentials to third parties is prohibited, and the User is solely responsible for the actions taken with their registration. The Company reserves the right, at any time, to cancel or delete the registration of a User who does not comply with these general conditions and/or acts detrimentally towards the Company and other Users.

The use of the platform is restricted to the purposes and mode of operation previously defined and described in these Terms and Conditions, with any use thereof by other means or for different purposes being expressly prohibited; the Company cannot be held responsible for any use of the System in violation of this section and reserves the right to cancel the account and take legal action against anyone who acts in this manner.

Any User or Customer may request, at any time, the cancellation of their registration. However, this does not entitle them to a refund of amounts already spent on the System, nor does it exempt them from paying the remaining amounts already contracted, if any.

The Customer/User represents, declares, and warrants that:

  1. No material uploaded to the System contains defamatory, offensive, harassing, pornographic, obscene, offensive, intimidating, racist, inciting to the commission of any unlawful act, or violating any third-party property rights;
  2. The User's content is submitted by adults, and in the case of the User being a minor, all material submitted must be reviewed, authorized, and consented to by their legal representative;
  3. The Customer/User acknowledges and agrees that any element submitted on the platform may be used by the Company, without prejudice to Copyright and Related Rights, Industrial Property, or Privacy and Data Protection rules, without being entitled to any compensation or recognition.
  4. Following and with the limitations of the previous item, the Customer/User grants the Company a global, irrevocable, royalty-free, non-exclusive license, capable of being sublicensed or transferred to use, reproduce, distribute, publicly use, publicly display, transmit, and publish.
7. Collection, Processing, and Sharing of Data related to exploitation

The accuracy of the data provided by the Customer/User is the sole and complete responsibility of the same. The Company is not responsible for incorrect indications from the System based on incorrect information entered by the User. The collected data is stored in the System's database, and it can then be processed and treated by the Company. The registered Customer/User will have the possibility to update their data, either in the Settings of their account or by requesting it from the Company. Meteorological or other data acquired by the System installed on the farm of the Customer, or generated automatically by processing algorithms of the Software, can be used by the Company at any time, for any purpose, provided that their confidentiality and anonymity are ensured.

The Company reserves the right to publish, assign, or sell any data from the System without the prior authorization of the User, provided that it does not compromise secrets related to the operation or treatment methods or procedures of the operation where the System is installed.

8. Personal Data Processing

To clarify the definition of the terms used in this section, the meaning of each is presented below:

CONTRACT: The Wisecrop system usage contract entered into between the Company and the Customer;

APPLICABLE LAW: Any Constitution, treaty, law, rule, regulation, decree, directive, code, interpretation, judgment, decree, precautionary measure, warrant, determination, sentence, permit, license, authorization, requirement, or decision applicable by any authority with legislative, administrative, judicial, or other public powers, or an agreement with such authorities;

DATA CONTROLLER: It has the same meaning as assigned to it in Article 4(7) of the GDPR;

COVERED DATA: Data, in any form, format, or support, provided or uploaded by the Customer or the User, as well as any (a) confidential information under the Contract and (b) Personal Data that the Company processes in connection with the Contract;

DATA SECURITY BREACH: Means, in connection with the Services, (i) the loss or unjustified use (by any means) of Covered Data, (ii) the Processing, disclosure, access, alteration, corruption, transfer, sale, rental, destruction, or involuntary, unauthorized, and/or unlawful use of Covered Data, or (iii) any other action or omission that compromises or may compromise the security, confidentiality, or integrity of Covered Data;

DATA PROTECTION LEGISLATION (PD): Any legislation relating to the protection of the right to privacy and data protection applicable to the Company, including, in particular, the General Data Protection Regulation, laws, and regulations in force in the European Union and its Member States, including the United Kingdom, applicable to the activities of collecting and processing personal data that any of the parties develop in execution of the contracts between them;

DATA SUBJECT: Any natural person from whom or about whom Personal Data is collected and processed in connection with the Services.

PERSONAL DATA: Any information, in any medium, provided by the Customer or any user to the Subcontractor, or collected by it on behalf of the Customer, concerning an identified or identifiable natural person, including, without limitation: the person's first and last name, residence or other physical address, telephone number, fax number, email address or other online identifier, social security number or other identifier issued by a third party entity (including, but not limited to, the identification card number, driver's license, or passport), biometric data, location data, IP address and cookie information, or any specific number or identifier of any other device.

PROCESSING: (including the correlated term "Process") Operation or set of operations performed on Covered Data, by automated or non-automated means, including, in particular, collection, recording, organization, storage, access, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure, dissemination, provision, comparison, interconnection, blocking, deletion, erasure, or destruction.

SERVICES: All services, including, in particular, Processing, provided by the Subcontractor on behalf of or on behalf of the Customer, under the Contract.

For the purposes of executing the aforementioned contract, the Company has access to personal data of the Customer and the Users. The provisions of this section comply with the legal obligation for the processing of personal data in subcontracting to be regulated by contract or by another normative act binding the Subcontractor to the Data Controller.

Under Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter "General Data Protection Regulation" or "GDPR"), the Customer assumes the role of data controller, and the Company assumes the role of data processor.

User identification data is collected through forms existing on the Web Platform. By registering on the Software, the Customer and the User provide data necessary for this registration and which will serve as access to the Software. The personal data entered aims to allow the identification of the User for purposes defined by the Company. Subsequently and over time, for the provision of the service object of this contract, the platform will collect additional data, either automatically through the various devices installed and used on the farm, or when the Customer and the Users manually enter such data on the platform. Among this data may be, among others, identification data, professional life data, billing data, connection data, location data, and biometric data.

Personal data will only be processed for the purposes inherent to the provision of the services that are part of this Contract.

The Company undertakes to keep strictly confidential all personal data provided by the Customer or by registered Users or of which it becomes aware within the scope or by reason of the service provision contract entered into between them, namely refraining from transmitting, disclosing, using, disclosing, or discussing them with third parties, except in the transmission situations provided for in this section, also recognizing that the processing thereof is limited to the purpose of the service provision contract and while within the scope of said subcontracting.

The Parties agree that the Customer has informed, under legal terms, the data subjects that they could be subject to external processing under a subcontracting regime.

The Company guarantees the implementation of technical and organizational measures appropriate to the protection, lawful and reserved processing, and prevention of unlawful disclosure of the data to be processed on behalf of the Customer, as well as compliance with all requirements inherent to confidentiality and privacy, in strict compliance with the instructions and in accordance with the Data Protection Policy of the Company and the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable legislation on the processing of personal data.

The Company guarantees that its employees, whether dependent workers or service providers, who have access to personal data, have received adequate training on the Legislation on the Protection of Personal Data in force, on the duties and obligations arising therefrom regarding personal data, and that they only have access to them for the purpose of fulfilling the purposes arising from the service provision contract entered into.

The Company undertakes to assist the Customer in fulfilling its obligation to respond to requests from data subjects arising from the exercise of their rights as enshrined in the General Data Protection Regulation.

The Company accepts, without reservation, that any breaches of confidentiality and/or potential privacy violations that occur accidentally or intentionally will be reported promptly and in writing to the Customer, for subsequent legal notification to the Control Authority and the data subject.

The Company will implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure an adequate level of security to the risk, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability and permanent resilience of the processing systems and services, and the ability to restore the availability and access to personal data in a timely manner in the event of a physical or technical incident.

The Company shall immediately notify the Customer upon receipt of a request from a data subject directly related to their personal data, regardless of the content of the request (including, among others, requests for access, rectification, erasure, objection to processing, or request regarding data portability), providing its full cooperation and assistance regarding such requests; however, the Customer shall be solely responsible for responding to requests from data subjects.

The Company shall establish and maintain written procedures to be followed in the event of a Data Breach, including a notification procedure to the Customer, which shall be clear, unequivocal, and documented.

In the event of a Personal Data Breach, the Customer shall be solely responsible for determining whether to notify (i) the affected Data Subject and/or (ii) any government entities, except if the Company is required to make such notification by law; the Customer shall approve the content of all notifications to third parties in the event of a personal data breach.

The Company shall provide the Customer with all necessary information to demonstrate compliance with the obligations incumbent upon the data processor and shall facilitate and contribute to audits, including inspections, conducted by the data controller or by another auditor appointed by them.

Compliance with a procedures manual or certification procedure may be used as evidence to demonstrate compliance with all of these obligations.

The Company reserves the right to provide the personal data of the Customer/User to legally competent entities whenever they request it as a result of civil or criminal unlawful activities.

Personal data shall remain available even after the termination of the Contract so that the Customer may freely consult them, unless their deletion is expressly requested by the Customer. However, the Company guarantees the confidentiality of the transferred personal data even after the termination of this contract and undertakes not to process them in any other way.

9. Statistical Log Files

When the User accesses the Software, the Company collects some information sent by the browser. This information may include, for example but not exclusively, the IP address, browser, device used, or interactions within the Software. The Company may use "web beacons" to understand the use made of the Software and to evolve in order to better meet the needs of its users.

All information will be analyzed in an aggregated and anonymous manner, and personally identifiable data or private information will not be used for this purpose. The Company reserves the right to provide third parties with the results of the statistical analyses performed, as well as to disclose them publicly.

10. Force Majeure Events

The Customer and all Users agree that the Company is not responsible to any of them for any situation resulting from events including, but not limited to, acts of God, war, insurgency, riots, terrorism, crimes, labor interruptions (including lawful and unlawful strikes), embargoes, interruption of postal service, communication interruption, infrastructure failure or lack thereof, lack of materials, or any other event beyond the control of the Company.

11. Other Provisions

These General Terms of Use may be modified with immediate effect without there having been any written opposition from the User. The use of the System depends on the total acceptance of these conditions, and non-acceptance, in whole or in part, will prevent the use of the System.

12. Communication between the parties

All considerations regarding the General Terms of Use listed herein must be made in writing. In the case of the User or Customer, to the address of the company located at Rua Alfredo Allen no 455, 4200-135 Porto, or to the email info@wisecrop.com. In the case of the Company, to the address or email registered in the User or Customer account. The same applies for the purpose of initiating legal action aimed at fulfilling pecuniary obligations arising from the contract. All written communications shall be deemed effective upon receipt of the letter or email, except if received outside business hours, in which case the following business day shall be considered.

The Customer consents that the standard form of communication used by the Company is email. The Company may communicate with the Customer and the User, for example but not exclusively, via email or by publishing information in the Software. The Customer agrees that any communications made by the Company electronically satisfy any legal requirements that such communications be in writing.

13. Expenses

All judicial and extrajudicial expenses arising from the Customer's failure to fulfill its pecuniary obligations under the contract, as well as the obligations set forth in these General Terms of Use, shall be borne by the Customer.

14. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These General Terms of Use are subject to Portuguese law, and for all matters arising therefrom, the parties elect the jurisdiction of the Porto District Court.

15. Legal Information

Considering Decree-Law no. 197/2012, of August 24, 2012, which makes changes to the VAT Code, in force as of January 1, 2013:

a) It is mandatory to issue an invoice for each transfer of goods or provision of services, as defined in articles 3 and 4, regardless of the quality of the buyer of the goods or recipient of the services, even if they do not request it, as well as for payments made to them before the date of the transfer of goods or provision of services;

b) In invoices processed through computer systems, all mandatory mentions, including the name, firm, or corporate name and tax identification number of the acquiring taxable person, must be entered by the respective invoicing program or computer equipment;

c) The indication on the invoice of the identification and domicile of the buyer or recipient who is not a taxable person is not mandatory in invoices with a value of less than €1000, except when the buyer or recipient requests that the invoice contain these elements;

d) The indication on the invoice of the tax identification number of the non-taxable buyer or recipient is always mandatory when requested. Furthermore, it is informed that if the User wishes his tax data to appear on the invoice, they must be entered in his registration. It is also informed that it will not be possible to make subsequent changes to the acquisition of the service and its respective invoice issuance.