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Highly efficient operationalization. Useful, clear and objective data that are simple to analyze, always there for you.

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A complete overview of all activities: done,  ongoing or planned. All processes are integrated, with everything under control.

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I managed to save at least €240 per hectare only by using a more efficient irrigation.

Luis Caetano

Luis Caetano

Farm Manager | Kiwi 1000, Lda

We digitized the Logbook of 38 GlobalGAP Farmers and reduced the time dedicated to this task from 10 to 4 months. It's an improvement we didn't think it was possible until using Wisecrop!

Sandra Rodrigues

Sandra Rodrigues

Expert | KiwiCoop

With predictive pest and disease models, we estimate savings of around 20% in phytosanitary treatments.

Rui Soares

Rui Soares

Farm Manager | Real Companhia Velha

We used to write down everything on paper to later transfer it to Excel. It was a big mess, but now everything is automated!

Monica Alves

Mónica Alves

Farm Manager | Enxertada - Indie Farmers, Lda

This set of data will allow us to move forward and increasingly understand the crop. Accounting for hours of sunlight, for example, allows us to predict harvest time.

Eduardo Ribeiro

Eduardo Ribeiro

Farm Manager | ERS, Unipessoal Lda

It works for everyone! For the producer because they know what needs to be done, and for the harvesters because they feel gratified.

Ricardo Rego

Ricardo Rêgo

Farm Manager | Espírito da Maça de Montanha, Lda

The hours I used to spend filling out Excel files have been replaced by the simple click of a button.

Cristina Sousa

Farm Manager | Inês Brás de Sousa, Lda

Abandoning paper and digitizing was a major step forward in our farm management. We were able to save time, reduce costs and significantly improve internal organization.

Jaime Abreu

Jaime Abreu

Farm Manager | Bakundi

An Agricultural professional needs all the information possible, every day. Wisecrop offers it with ease.

Tadeu alves

Tadeu alves

Farm Manager | Green Factor

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The ease with which you use a tool determines the effectiveness you can derive from it.


Count on a dedicated team attentive to your needs, day after day, always available for whatever you need.

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Unmatched Tracking features!

Wisecrop's capabilities to track any and all plant-related activity are unmatched!

From a batch, it is possible to identify the quality of the fruit produced, its origin and all the events that led to the final production.

Powerful, without complexity!


Paperless certifications? Yes, it is possible!

With an intuitive platform and records updated daily in a few seconds, you have everything you need always at hand.

Visits from certifiers or inspections no longer have to be a concern. Your company, your control, without hassle.


Create a positive impact on the environment and your wallet.

An agricultural business based on sustainability is a successful business!


Implement the best practices to ensure the plant health of your crops and the surrounding fauna and flora. Take care of the environment so it can take care of you.


Sustainable practices translate into positive results!


Wisecrop is easy to use and we are ready to help.

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